Meet the Artist


Brian J. Bush has been fascinated by the carnival traditions of New Orleans for as long as he can remember. As a child, the old wagon wheeled floats of Comus became the much needed creative inspiration he was yearning for. This later led him to work in the local float building industry. For years he worked with many talented artists. These experiences, and the never ending influence of the Crescent City continue to inspire him to create.

Brian uses as much recycled material as possible in his art. Corrugated cardboard boxes, brown paper bags, newspaper and telephone books are some of his regular materials. From these and other assorted and recycled items, he creates walking heads/puppets, carnival flowers, small, and large sculptures. Everything he makes, depicts in some way, New Orleans unique, musical, cultural and carnival tradition, which is ever evolving.

Brian is a member of the Louisiana Crafts Guild.  You can visit one of the amazing shops that carry his work: retail shops and galleries

To contact Brian: [email protected]